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Our Aim Is To Give Better Pest Free Well Cleaned Environment & Happy Living


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About Trustco

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The Trustco pest control & cleaning services has been accelerating the growth from the Inception. The company has been offering services for the across all Emirates. We deliver professional services in cleaning, pest control services mainly known as bed bugs exterminator and bed bugs killer spray in Dubai, water tank cleaning & pipeline disinfection Services, disinfection and sterilization service, external glass cleaning services and carpet shampooing Etc….

Our Vision

To excel beyond all others and be the most reputable organization known for delivering professional innovative and quality cleaning and pest control solutions with an enthusiastic, proactive customer-focused approach

Our Mission

Providing our customers with professional and quality cleaning & pest control service mainly for bed bugs killer spray & bed bugs exterminator in Dubai, creating a Cooperative atmosphere that reflects the personality of a successful, vibrant, and enthusiastic Company. Development organization that will encourage all people to prosper and grow to their full potential.

Our Strengths

To make sure we specifically understand each and every customer’s needs before we start delivery.
To upgrade the services/ Technology we use and the knowledge of all personnel through training.
To consistently provide cutting-edge knowledge and information as per National and International standards. Achieving customer satisfaction through the combined efforts of planning, resource management, delivery of services, and feedback from Our clients.




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