Residential Services

We not only specialize in commercial pest control services but also offer professional residential pest removal and control solutions.

Our highly trained and certified team is dedicated to protecting your family from pests and ensuring safe living.


Residential Pest Control Dubai

We are able to respond to any pest emergency and will remove your infestation, quickly and without delay with our best residential pest control services in Dubai. Most residential pest problems require only one visit by our first technicians, Who will locate and remove the infestation and provide guidance on pest-proofing your home.

We provide a comprehensive range of pest services that include; Rat, Mouse and other rodent control, bird control including bird proofing, Cockroaches, bed bugs, termite control and insect control Wasp and Wasp’s nest removal.


Rat Control

TrustCo provides sustainable and effective treatment methods to keep your home and premises rat-free for a long time. What sets us apart from others is our 24/7 emergency services and next-day appointments to handle crises and control pest damage. Providing the ultimate pest protection for residents across Dubai, we are one of the leading rat removal and prevention providers in the area. Instead of handling a rodent infestation on your own, it is best to contact an expert and find a permanent solution.  


Bed Bug control

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to remove bed bugs from your homes, contact Trustco and get the issue solved immediately. Located in Dubai, we offer customized bed bug extermination services for apartments, villas, individual houses, flats, and other residential buildings. Delaying effective treatment could lead to a higher population of bed bugs and greater damage control. One should understand that when it comes to bed bugs or any kind of pests, the infestation does not solve on its own, and requires professional intervention. Keep your family safe from bed bugs by hiring us.


Fly Control

Repelling flies may seem to be an easy task and oftentimes people rely on DIY methods. Sometimes, a simple fly trap or vinegar can do the job, but not always. Excessive flies in your homes and surroundings can lead to food poisoning, dysentery, and other illness. A professional exterminator like us can find the reason for fly infestation and offer a permanent solution at a great price. Identifying the breeding site and removal of the source is very important and we take all the measures to deliver the best possible outcome. Our team has worked with a number of clients to understand the various degrees of fly infestations and to provide the right treatments.  


Cockroach Control

Whether you are living in an apartment, individual house, or flat, you will come across some sort of cockroach infestation at some point in time. If you don’t treat them early it will lead to a number of health problems, food contamination, and eventually structural damage. Using pesticides to get rid of pests can be dangerous if you don’t have the right knowledge or experience. The safest and most effective way to remove pests is to get professional help. At Trustco we have the most advanced technology, tools, and strategies to overcome even the biggest challenges. We have worked in different residential properties around Dubai and have seen all sorts of cockroach infestations. With our knowledge and experience, we have formulated customized plans to handle different situations.


Ant Control

As ants live in colonies, it is necessary to remove the colonies to get rid of them completely. For families looking for a lasting solution, you may need the guidance and help of a professional pest control provider. Ants can be pretty destructive and therefore understanding the ant infestation is necessary before taking any action. TrustCo offers immediate support and 24/7 emergency services to analyze your crisis and provide quick solutions. Ant infestation is very challenging and removing the entire population requires great skill, knowledge, and the right tools. Thankfully our team is equipped with everything to control and prevent ant infestations. 



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