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Ants are hard-working insects that play a crucial role in an ecosystem. But sometimes, they sneak into our homes, which can seriously have a negative impact on our daily lives. The wood and your furnishings might also be damaged by some ants. Take advantage of ant pest control services immediately to prevent damage and save money. No diseases are spread by ants. Some ant species, such as fire ants, can sting, generating sharp pain and discomfort. By maintaining cleanliness and storing food in containers, any infestation can be easily avoided. Our skilled team will advise you on how to control ant pests in your home if you still have concerns about termite and ant control.


Trustco Pest Control offers ant control techniques tailored to a specific type of ant. A professional pest control service is necessary to get rid of ants effectively and avoid a re-infestation, despite the large array of DIY treatments that are available. Our pest control experts can provide the most suitable and efficient treatments since they are familiar with the characteristics of many species of ants.

We handle different types of rodent infestations in apartments, residential properties, businesses, public places, and other commercial properties. Our pest management team ensures rodent-free living after the completion of treatment.

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