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You can’t ignore bee infestation and it needs to be treated as soon as possible. Our trained bee removal specialists can inspect your property and take the necessary action without any delays. We use safe products and proven techniques to remove the bees and their hives properly.


There are different bee species and many of them are good for our environment and therefore need to be protected. Our knowledge about these stinging insects allows us to take the right approach when it comes to getting rid of them from your homes, businesses, public spaces, commercial buildings, and even outdoors. Identifying bees requires special skills and knowledge, and our experts can visit your property to analyze them.

Bumble bees, carpenter bees, honey bees, mining bees, and killer bees are some of the common types. Along with the bees, our exterminators will remove hives, and nests and also assess bee damage to the properties. It is not an easy process to remove them, and depending on the severity it may take multiple treatments and regular monthly or quarterly plans to effectively control them.

At trustco pest control, we have handled bee problems in both residential and commercial set-ups across Dubai. Schedule an appointment with us, and get an early assessment today!

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Environment- friendly approach


Expert opinion to correctly identify the bee species


Safe removal of hives and nests


24/7 Emergency services


Maintenance service to complete pest extermination

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