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Every pest control situation is different and therefore before recommending a treatment plan we have to evaluate the property and determine the population. We work with the best team, and tools and use advanced technology available in the market.


Cluster flies, blow flies, drain flies, fruit flies and house flies are some of the different flies around the world. Fly infestations are common and these pesky creatures carry 100s of diseases. To manage and control the fly infestation, the first step is to find the source such as trash cans, drains, unsealed cracks, garbage areas, and gardens, and then check for the severity of the infestation. Home remedies can offer temporary relief but if you are looking for long-lasting solutions you should hire the experts.

Trust co pest control is one of the reputed fly pest control service providers in Dubai that offers comprehensive plans at great prices. Check our various services to get an idea about how we can help.

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