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Office boys and girls are an essential part of the company and are crucial to the efficient operation of the business. Trustco offers a remarkable team of experts who act as office boys and girls and deliver efficient services.

A highly skilled team at Trystco offers competent direction and support. They have years of experience delivering high-quality services throughout the UAE. The staff puts in a lot of effort every day to see that the clients’ requests are met as quickly as possible and without any problems from the law. The Office Boys & Girls are chosen via thorough a selection procedure, and our staff fully confirms their aptitude, expertise, and effectiveness.


We are employing competent personnel who showcase great work ethics and attention. They are all skilled communicators who can converse in any ethnic language as requested by the client and are fluent in English, Arabic, Hindi, and other languages. They have special training for working in an office setting where they could help clients with routine tasks like preparing coffee and tea, copying documents, keeping stationary and pantry supplies, and transferring files.

Due to the thorough selection of our team, we have earned the trust of numerous prominent businesses and organizations in Dubai. We value our customers and are committed to offering them solutions. The highest international standards are maintained in our businesses.

Our Benefits


They assist in monitoring how equipment and supplies are used within the department.


The office boy are able to respond to a range of questions and concerns from clients and guests.


Regarding the maintenance and repair of office equipment, office boy will coordinate.


They are able to support other employees with a variety of administrative tasks.


The Office Boy and Girl are responsible for maintaining a cordial working relationship with the office workers.

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